Price Range : 150-180000
Dental Treatments
Dental Consultation 150 INR
Orthodontics Consultation 300 INR
Dental Extraction
Milk Tooth Extraction 500 INR
Normal Extraction 500 INR
RCT treated Tooth Extraction 1500 INR
Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction 3000 INR
Root Canal Treatment
First time RCT 3000 INR
Re RCT 3500 INR
Dental Filling
Permanent tooth color Filling 600 INR
Temporary filling 400 INR
Orthodontics - Dental Braces - Teeth alignment
Regular metal braces with retainer 25000 INR
Ceramic braces with retainer 40000 INR
Monocrystalline Ceramic braces with retainer 60000 INR
Lingual metal braces with retainer 60000 INR
Lingual ceramic braces with retainer 70000 INR
Clear aligner for non extraction 150000 INR
Clear aligner with extraction 180000 INR
Gum Related Treatment
Curettage 6000 INR
Laser curettage 15000 INR
Flap surgery 12000 INR
Laser Flap srugery 30000 INR

Taking Smile to next level

Orthodontist chennai Dental Clinic in kelambakkam


Creating Great Smiles and keeping up all along treatment - Invisible orthodontics. Put this on for 6 months. No one notices and then you have a great smile.

Dental Implants Kelambakkam Chennai


Chew to eat. Don't swallow. Fix just the missing.

Dental dentures kelambakkam chennai


When all is gone. Its the hope that brings life.

What do you do with teeth and mouth in your life? ...

Dental Clinic chennai kelambakkam

The way you

Eat, Chew, Grind, Spit, Speak, Laugh, Snore, Brushing, Goggle, Smoke, Drink